Things we Thay

Since my post this morning I have had a terrible time not replacing all my S's with th. After I mentioned this to my husband, he laughed at me, until he started doing it too. We are accustomed to this type of talk, since our three year old speaks this way. Not only does she have difficulty pronouncing her S's, but her J's as well. All J's are pronounced with a D. Tonight my hubby had a blast getting her to say funny things, like "I like to jump on the couch," which came out, "I like to dump on the couch."
Yep, thilly thuff there!
I have worked with her pronunciation, but her S's, J's, and L's still come out wrong. At times I have to have her repeat a sentence, because it had sounded like something else. Hopefully this is just a phase and will soon be grown out of.
Great news today! We got final approval on our house we are buying! Woot! That's right, I wooted. We are so incredibly excited to be moving! This is like a dream house. Allyssa is ecstatic too. Earlier today when we told her we bought a new house she asked me to go get it, and where was her new house. She helped a lot in the picking out of a new home. Next week will be full of packing and prepping. Bring on the boxes! I can't wait for us to be moved, and unpacked!
We are thuper exthited!
Ok, I'm done.


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