If you have poked around my site here, you may notice what a total geek I am. I'm not just talking about my love for books, but for games as well. My favorite is Final Fantasy 14, an MMORPG. It's where I made many great friends over the years and where I met my husband. He is my soulmate and my other half and I would not change one day of my past, as it led me to him.

I've experienced a lot in that game and enjoyed many adventures alongside my friends and my love. We built a community within an FC (guild) and became one of the top-ranking FC's. Unfortunately, we put our trust in the wrong leader, and after a disagreement, we left the FC, along with many others. There is a lot of drama happening right now regarding that leader and the latest group to leave that FC. It's been picked up by a few large content creators, and the individual is getting the exposure he deserves for all the trouble he has caused others over the years.

I wanted to do a big post about what my generation of "Sunderers" went through but decided against it. Instead, I would like to address a comment he made about us. In one of his many long-winded speeches, he made the statement that we failed. Of all the lies he has told about us over the years, I find this one the most untrue. We may not have a massive FC sitting top rank on the lodestone leaderboards, but what we do have is far greater. We have a strong, supportive, and thriving friend community.

We still talk to one another, we still hang out in Discord, and we still share adventures with each other even if it isn't in the same games. We have our ups and downs as any community does but I think what makes our group so special is our ability to talk it out, admit when we fucked up, and work together to become better humans. This is where Reika could never be one of us. He lacks empathy for other individuals. He is a true narcissist, and I pity him. 

Aside from this post and sharing any future content that might come along, I've decided to move on from him. Nothing will ever come from trying to prove his lies. He will always crusade against us. I think, like the boogeyman from children's nightmares, we have given him too much attention, too much power over us and our minds. It's time to forget about him. To let him lie, let him scheme, and let him remain alone in his hate. I no longer want that in my life. He is no longer a part of our lives or our community and has no sway over our happiness.

To my friends, my husband and I love each one of you. Thank you for your love and for being angry for us when the lies about us came to the surface recently. Thank you for your faith in our love for each other. That is what I will be taking from this entire drama and will cherish forever.

The Skyfallen are thriving without him and though this little bit of karma for what he put us through was exciting, it's time this little adventurer locks the closet door on her boogyman and starts a new dawn.


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