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Revealing My WIP

If you follow me on X (Twitter), you may have seen posts about writing and hitting goals in my new novel. I have not, however, shared anything regarding what the novel is about or called. I've been debating how I want to go about this, because I know it's going to cause a ruckus. A few months ago, I was pretty much just writing this story for my own sake, as a sort of therapy, but with recent events and enlightenments, I've decided I don't care if a certain someone gets mad. I'm enjoying the hell out of this story, and eventually want to share it. I started plotting this story years ago. It was meant to be a retelling of my time in a certain FC on FFXIV and its unfavorable leader, but as I started to outline and plot the book, it took a totally different path. Sure there are little bits and pieces that people who know the events that happened will be able to pick out, but for the most part the entire story is entirely its own. I’m working on a LITRPG about a writer

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