Eternal Bonding RL

 May 1st was our eternal bonding anniversary in FFXIV. Last minute we decided we wanted our real-life anniversary to match our in-game anniversary. I was able to get our long-time friend and retired judge to officiate for us and just like that, we were married! 

We had several friends show up for our eternal bonding ceremony and it was such a treat to be able to announce to them that we had made it official. Everyone was so excited for us and we stayed in the chapel until it kicked us out. Then we all celebrated with a parade of bears! For a last-minute marriage, we managed to make the day a memorable one. We were so happy to have shared it with our friends who have been there since the start of this amazing adventure. Bonus! Our anniversary will be on Yoshi-P's birthday! Something we only figured out later that night.

There is still much more to do, but I know that with our love and the love of our friends, we will get through it all.


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