Exciting news!

 I’ve been extremely quiet the past few months here. I’m still working on the outline for the new story and have a lot of it worked out in my head for the most part. I’ve decided that due to time, and other obstacles, I would like to have a partner assist in this story—someone who knows exactly what I’m envisioning and what this story means to us both. So I have asked my fiance to write it with me.

Oh? Did you catch that? Fiance?!

That’s right folks! My boyfriend just recently proposed to me and I have very happily accepted! I am so over the moon happy to be marrying my best friend and perfect match! We are both so excited to start this new adventure together. We have had the wonderful opportunity to receive full support from our family and friends and could not thank everyone enough for all the warm wishes.

As this news is still fresh, we have yet to plan when, where, or how. I hope to document it all and share it here as it is happening. I would love to have it all to look back on later as our own little love story.

As I want to share everything with my fiance, and he will be helping so much on the upcoming book, I have decided to add him to my website. I’m not just adding him to make posts, and such either. I am rebranding EVERYTHING! My domain name will be changed to www.arailiwilde.com. Araili is my gamer tag, and Wilde is one of his more popular gamer tags. My twitter handle has changed as well so you will no longer find me at @AMcBay. Instead, my twitter is now @ArailiWilde. There is still a ton to do for total rebranding but I am super excited to make him a part of this.

As for the new book? I have already started working on the first chapters. When I feel they are ready enough for readers we will post them as a web novel.

So much going on at once! I’m so excited!


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