New Adventures and Writing Plans

A lot has happened this year. To be fair my life has been in constant fluctuation since 2020. I've decided this is just how it is now. Things change. People change. So it is no surprise that my life will continue to change. I have constantly told myself the past couple of years that when everything calmed down I would get back to writing. It was a clever excuse I gave myself. Even after getting a position in my company writing job instructions, I put off my own dream of being a writer. Even while a new story was spinning in my imagination, I buried my head in the sand and trudged through the muck of life. 

Things are much better for me now than they were three years ago. I'm no longer so depressed I want it all to end. I realize I have much to live for, and the people in my life need me. I still have stories to tell! 

While I still suffer from depression, I have learned how to manage it in a sense so that it doesn't take over all the good in my life. It's not that I don't know how blessed I am. It's not that I don't know that I should be happy. It's just that my brain is in constant battle with me. It is constantly telling me how useless I am, how worthless I am, and how I'm such an idiot. Which totally contradicts what the people who love me tell me. It doesn't help though when I feel like I'm doing well and someone nitpicks at everything.

I am doing much better though! I have someone who despite my crazy, and my crazy life, supports me and wants nothing more than to be by my side. It is because of him that I feel brave enough to face this new story.

My hope is to write this like a web novel. Maybe posting a chapter as it becomes complete? That would make it more like a serial novel I would think.

Until then though I'm keeping mostly hush hush while I work through the outline. There is much to do in this novel as I don't want to pants it like I did with Wild Fire. I want a structured magic system, maps, and a community with regulations and rules. Basically I'm creating my own world.

What can I tell you? It is a LITRPG novel. A new type of genre that I absolutely love and connect with!

I have many things in the works right now as I get started on this project that I'm sure will keep me plenty preoccupied, but this isn't the only project I have planned! Curious? Then stay tuned! I'll be back soon with more updates as I get things organized and get back to living my best life!



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