Taking the Win

I thought my last post would be the last word on the whole Azure Infinitum drama, but was recently suprised by news that stirred up the Skyfallen once more. In a turn of events, the Skyfallen have officially won against FC "leader" Reika Fujishima, aka Hikaru Kazushime.

To avoid the horrible publicity from all the content creators, he decided to hide under his pen name. He changed his name to Hikaru Kazushime and used a fantasia for the first time in over ten years. Even better, before he could secure his old name Reika Fujishima, it was acquired by someone else. They have since dressed the character, who now looks just as Reika did, up as a clown. Hikaru, wanting to ensure everyone knows that character is not his anymore, sent out a warning that his name was acquired by separate entities and are not affiliated with the king and CEO of Azure Infinitum. This links them back to the account so when the curious decide to check out the fake Reika, they are presented with clown Reika. I could not have hoped for more retribution than this.

The fact that he fashions himself a king is almost as laughable as him trying to turn his FC into a business, which was the root of all this drama in the first place. An FC is meant to be a place of camaraderie and friendship, not a second job. What did we get in return for our duties? A crap ton of backlash and criticism from a “Leader” who was never there. And when we left because we had enough, he fashioned lies with zero proof to incite drama with people we never even met.

The Skyfallen, both old and new, celebrated over the fact that Reika Fujishima is no more on Midgardsomr. We accepted this as closure and are happily moving on from this.

To Hikaru, because I know he still stalks us, I hope you make better choices in the future. I hope this change of character becomes a true change in YOUR character. I hope you treat your friends better. Most of all, I hope you now leave us the fuck alone.


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