Revealing My WIP

If you follow me on X (Twitter), you may have seen posts about writing and hitting goals in my new novel. I have not, however, shared anything regarding what the novel is about or called. I've been debating how I want to go about this, because I know it's going to cause a ruckus. A few months ago, I was pretty much just writing this story for my own sake, as a sort of therapy, but with recent events and enlightenments, I've decided I don't care if a certain someone gets mad. I'm enjoying the hell out of this story, and eventually want to share it.

I started plotting this story years ago. It was meant to be a retelling of my time in a certain FC on FFXIV and its unfavorable leader, but as I started to outline and plot the book, it took a totally different path. Sure there are little bits and pieces that people who know the events that happened will be able to pick out, but for the most part the entire story is entirely its own.

I’m working on a LITRPG about a writer who loves fantasy worlds so much that when given the opportunity to join the latest VRMMORPG, Infinitum, she jumps right in. In the game world she finds that in order to win a chance at a dragon egg she will need to work with her party and guild mates to complete all the challenges and defeat boss fights that are meant for only the most elite players. As she climbs in guild ranks she makes many new friends and has many new adventures.

Of course there will be a good deal of drama, some of which was influenced by my time in FFXIV, but there is also a very slice of life vibe to it. The main character takes on such a drastic change in personality online compared to real life. In real life she is burdened with chronic illness that tends to make her grumpy and anti-social, but in game she is free from the pain of her disease and becomes this cinnamon roll of a sunshine character who is full of life and maybe a little too naive. 

I'm still on the fence about the name as it will cause a stir. It just fit for what I needed and despite it no longer being my story, but that of my protagonist Ashland, I feel it still works wonderfully.

If I get requests to share some of my WIP, I might be persuaded to post some of the novel before the novel is completed. At this moment I am only 16k into the piece that I’m sure will surpass 100k. I have a long way to go, but so far I have had so much fun with these characters. You can stay up to date on it here or on X (it's still twitter to me…) where I will be posting updates and little tidbits from time to time. You can also sometimes catch me on Twitch playing some chill games.

I’m on tiktok as well, where I hope to start doing writing sprints and bookish posts as soon as I get up the courage. Here is my linktree with my active links.

I hope you will join me on this new and exciting adventure!


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