New Adult

Last week I posted my indecision on if I should make Wild Fire a YA or an Adult genre book. When discussing my this problem with the writers at TPR (check the door below for more info), they mentioned a new genre that is in the works called New Adult. A good example of this would be Stephanie Meyer's Eclipse. I don't give away spoilers so this is all I will mention on that book.
Though I have no intention on targeting this new genre with WF, it does give the book a place to settle. I don't have to make it YA or Adult. I can target the 19-25yr olds who are unhappy with the highschool drama books, but are not quite ready to move on to full blown Adult books. I can make WF a happy medium for that age range.
It's a relief for me to not have to revise the book once more for a specific genre.
Now if I could ever finish the book.
A plus about WF. Chapter 24 has been finished, and passed the inspection of the Alpha Beta aka Mom. She says it flows from 23 so well, and the chapter itself is perfect. A huge relief on my part, since the first time around the chapter was a disaster. I could only salvage bits of the old writing, and had to completely change the out come of the MC to not only flow better with the latter chapter, but to continue through the rest of the story without confusing the readers. It troubled me for nearly a month, until like all great ideas, it just came to me one day and flowed effortlessly into Word. Happy days! I'm back to writing. On to the next chapter.


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