When I was growing up, I was always the weird kid. I had bullies, and people who just loved to take their bad days out on me. Back then it hurt as you can imagine, and drove me to be quiet and demur. Some people even asked if I was going to blow up the school. I had few friends and major self esteem issues. I hate that side of myself. After joining the military, I shoved that little girl deep down. I became respected, feared, and loved. I got stronger, and learned how to deal with my shyness. Before I got out of the military I had tons of friends, I could scare the crap out of people who wronged me or those I loved, I had visited places my school bullies were too chicken to go to, and I had declared my weirdness of the artistic sort.

Today I watch those people who were mean to me on facebook. They seek me out, add me as a friend, and realize that the weird kid has experienced life far beyond what they could ever have. I have beautiful kids, a loving handsome hubby, great well behaved pets to keep me company, and a supportive family waiting in Oklahoma and now in Arkansas too. I have graphic arts skills, and have even done something with the book nerd side of me by writing. It's rewarding to see those that have done nothing with their life. Karma people, I'm just sayin.

So I think I'm well deserved to say to all my classmates who tormented me throughout school and made my life hell, "Na na na na na! Thanks for helping to make me who I am today."





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