Full Moons and Emergency Rooms

I am a firm believer that the full moon can bring more accidents, and cranky attitudes. It seems the bigger the moon, the more potential for mayhem. It’s been this way my entire life. My family tends to be just a little accident prone. It’s an unfortunate condition my daughter has seemed to have inherit. I thought it was my son (the adventurous thrill seeking adrenalin junkie) that I would have to worry about. I always joke with my husband that he had best stay in the military so that we can keep up insurance on that boy. Now I worry it may be my daughter we need to worry about.
Last night, while I was sitting on the couch reading, my daughter was crawling around on the couch. She is always getting in trouble for bouncing on the couch or climbing on the coffee table. I’m not sure how she managed it, but she got tripped up in her blanket she drags around with her, and fell off the couch head first into the coffee table. Normally I have the coffee table pulled out more to allow for the kids, but I had just shampooed the carpets that day and had it pushed a little closer to the couch than normal. When she hit the table’s edge, she cut her nose along the underside. Of course I freaked out, yelled at my hubby that we needed to go to the ER, and rushed out the door without putting shoes on either of the kids. Allyssa held a damp rag to her nose while we waited in the emergency room for nearly two hours.
My hubby took our son home for a diaper change after he decided to stink up the waiting room. While he was home he called a trusted airman to babysit so that Bubby could go to bed. By the time my hubby returned to the ER, we had already been sent back, examined, and glued. That’s right glued. Like her avatar toys that I had to super glue back together after she broke them, the Doc had glued the cut, saying it was too small for a sutra and that he preferred the glue because it always healed better. Throughout the procedure Allyssa remained calm and quiet. We filled out the required paperwork, and were on our way back home in no time. As we were leaving, I asked Allyssa if she was going to do it again. She responded by nodding her head “yes”.
I ended up sleeping in her room last night to make sure when she woke she didn’t mess with the glue.  I know I’m a little overprotective, but my kids are my world. I can’t stand when they don’t feel well or get hurt.
Thankfully, everything turned out ok last night, and we have all day to relax on the couch. That is just what we are going to do!


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