Sleepless nights

This week I have had a terrible time turning my mind off for bed. I tried taking PM meds, reading, and even rainstorm soundtracks (a method that had always worked in the past.) As I sat up well past 1am for the third time this week, I began to realize it was the silence keeping me awake.
All day I listen to my kids laughing, crying, screaming, and deal with the constant mommy, mommy, mommy! With Bubby cutting nearly all his back teeth at one time he has become the little hulk. You don't want to make little hulk angry. He follows me around screaming at me, pulling and pinching my legs, and just being an out right little terror child. As I type, he is pulling my papers from my desk drawer... Ahem, excuse me...
So at night, after the kids are in bed, and the house is silent, I am finally able to hear my thoughts. Unfortunately, I cant get them to shut up long enough to get to sleep, and after so many nights of catching only four hours of shut eye, the thoughts are incoherent and hard to understand.
I think in our new home I will sound proof the walls of my office so that when my hubby comes home I can escape for an hour to unwind my mind...

On a very positive note, I want to congratulate the fabulous Leigh Fallon, an Inkpopper I admire, for getting published by HarperCollins!
Check out the article here
and Leigh's inkpop project to be published here
What a wonderful way to start off the weekend!



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