I'm left handed. Odd for an artist, I know. It's something I got from my mother who is also left handed. It's hard at times. I have a tendency of dragging my hand across the page as I draw or write leaving smears that later have to be erased. My mother tortured me for years trying to correct how I hold the pencil correctly, but alas I was far too stubborn a youngster. She finally gave up on forcing me to use specialized pencil grips, much to my relief. The only thing the grips did for me was give me terrible hand cramps.
Finding left handed notebooks is difficult. You can get them from Amazon, but I just don’t see the point in paying more for a lefty notebook. Instead, I use loose leaf note paper and normally just stick it neatly in a binder. Today, however, I dug out an old leather portfolio. It’s perfect. I can still use my loose leaf paper, and clip it onto a clipboard for easier writing. It’s great because I don’t have to worry about the three rings or the binding. So for all you lefty writers out there, the clipboard is the way to go!


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