My Writing Spot

When I got my new Verizon Samsung Fascinate for Christmas, I immediately went in search for a good writing app. There are several to choose from, including the pre-installed Thinkfree that allows you to work on word, and excel documents from your phone. After a lot of looking on the android market, I stumbled across an app called My Writing Spot, previously named My Writing Nook.
The creator of the app is a writer that was looking for an easier way to move his work from one platform to the next, making working on his novel much easier.
Although the app itself is lacking in the ability to change themes, something I hope the creator is working on, the app is shared with the PC, Ipad, Iphone, and android.
Now I write on my phone, sync, and in moments have everything I have written on my desktop. From there I can move what I have typed into my Word Doc.
So if you love to write, and find it handy to write on your phone, I highly recommend The Writing Spot app. Check it out for yourself!


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