Flashback Friday

I'm jumping on the band wagon here and posting a picture of my past. I hid most of my embarrassing pictures so well from my husband, that even I can't remember where I put them. Maybe I burned them. Another fish moment for me! In case you are wondering what I mean when I say "Fish!", It's a saying my mom and I made up. We feel we are like two fish in a fish bowl at times, because of how short out memory gets. So when we forget something, or don't remember why we walked across the house to get or do something, we yell "Fish!"
Today's flashback was a toss up between Mom took my brother and I to pet baby tigers, or my Air Force Graduation. I chose the graduation.
 This was a very proud day for me. After weeks of drills, starvation, and dun dun dunnnnn, running, I had finally made it to graduation day! My TI still had no clue who I was (a good thing, and something I tried very hard at), my family was there, and in a few hours I would leave San Antonio for my training base in Witchita Falls. How did I celebrate? Well, the first thing I did was run off to the barber shop and chop off my hair. After all those weeks of having to pull it up into a perfect bun (and my hair is very thick and heavy), It was a relief to have all of that weight off the back of my skull.
I got to enjoy having my family with me. My dad (the long haired hippie) and my Granny Net drove 5 hours to see me. That's quite a trip for Granny. Mom, my step-dad Danny, and my baby brother flew.
I introduced them to my TI, who looked at me in confusion and asked for the millionth time "Who are you? You were here the whole time?", and then we walked the river walk. We were talking about my experiences when we walked under one of the many bridges on the river walk, and a pigeon crapped on me. It slid down my blues cap, and dripped down the front of my dress shirt. I hate birds to this day...
It took the rest of my free time for mom to get the poop from my clothes, and dry them at the hotel. By the time it was clean I had to go back to base.
And that is my flashback Friday presented by Tia's blog.
Join us in our flashback fun!



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