A Window Seat

Ignoring the yucky puke green walls, my window seat is a wonderful place to work. I can watch the kids play in the back yard, my dog sits at my feet, and most importantly I'm just a few steps away from the coffee pot. If I'm writing or designing, my desktop is my creation station. With pictures of loved ones surrounding my screen, I am constantly reminded of those who support me the most. It pushes me to keep going, and to continuously reach for my dreams.
I have tried moving my desktop to other spots in the house to try and find a quiet place to work, but with a 1 year old and a 2 year old quiet is an impossibility, and my work space always ends up back in the kitchen window. I have my Pappy Plant to remind me of Pap, and a few baby banana trees that my mom gave me. I think the nanner trees are surviving the winter... (I don't have a green thumb like my mother)
So there you have it, my creation station!
That's the extent of my blogging today. Unfortunately, with a migraine and sinus ick, my writing is pretty sucky...
Hopefully tomorrow will bring better words.


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