It’s just not working…

I got up this morning to an email from my mom. She has been the one I have read and review the book. Since the beginning she has loved every chapter, but now she feels the same as I do, chapter 24 just isn't working out. I don't know if I was trying to push it instead of letting it come to me or what the problem was. The new personality added in this chapter has got to go. I need to learn how I can merge all of the main's personalities into one without creating a new one. They need to work together to create a stronger, more confident main. As it is now, it is just too confusing to add a new one.

Instead of pushing this time, I think I will just let it come to me. To do this I will read other authors that inspire me more, go on walks with my kids, soak in the bath, and just allowing the creativity to go wherever it wants. If it leads me to designing, I will design. If it leads me to drawing, I will draw, and if it leads me to writing, I will write.

I will have to relax my mind even though I am unable to relax my body. With two sick babies, who are going to the doc today, and an injured hubbers, I'm constantly being pulled in separate directions.

Hopefully, I will figure this chapter out and can finally move on with the story. Until then, I remain stuck in the muck of my own writing. Perhaps it's time to pull out the all powerful Anne McCaffrey books for inspiration.




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