Horses and kitties oh my!

Its been over three years since my butt was seated in a saddle, but yesterday my dad and I got the chance to go for a ride. It was wonderful, exhilarating, and scary as hell! Riding a horse is nothing like riding a bike. You can't just hop up and ride. I had forgotten the how to sit in the saddle, and I was on my dads horse champ who is 16 hands. For those not in the know of horses, that's a damn big horse. I'm 5'5, and can't look over his back. He is a great horse though, and took it easy on me, that is until my dad decided to run them. Having forgotten how to sit lower in the saddle and move with the horse, I was bounced high on a very big horse. It felt to me like jumping from a second story window.  I pulled up fast but decided to give it another go after a few moments. Nope, that horse was just too big. It wasn't until after I had kicked him out that Dad told me Champ usually bucked when you made him run. Thankfully, Champ was in a good mood for a run and took off without throwing me in the dirt. The rest of the ride we walked and talked which my dad and I rarely get to do anymore. It was a great ride and well worth the tender tush this morning.

Tomorrow we travel back to Texas.  Thanks to my wonderful hubby I get to finally have my cat come home with me. I got Oreo in high school and he has lived with my mom since I left for the military. He is one of my best friends, my baby, and I'm so excited to be bringing him home.

As for the kindle skins I have been working on, we almost have them sized perfectly, if only we could get the mutogh machine to work properly...

Lastly, I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year and that all your resolutions come true!




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