Outline study and late night TV

I'm having a hard time waking up this morning. Last night, after the gals at TPR gave me the link I spent nearly an hour browsing Kelly Armstrong's forums. It's packed with useful info. After a while I started to print a couple of pages before realizing that I was wasting paper and ink, and just needed to load it to my kindle. After slapping myself for being so silly, I managed to get a PDF made, and loaded to my kindle. The rest of the night was spent studying Kelly's technique for outlines.

I'm sure my husband thinks I am nuts when I chew myself out. He was also concerned when he got up late and found me still awake watching Warehouse 13, and Ghost Adventures, unable to sleep because I was still obsessed with outlines. He finds it hard to believe that I do my best learning from the internet and reading instead of college courses. I have a hard time concentrating on school work. I have taken online art classes but I had a hard time connecting with the course and the teachers. I will return to the course at some point, probably when I don't have two screaming kids hanging off each leg.

Excuse me, I have to go chase down bubby who just made off with my wireless mouse…

Mouse rescued.

My life right now is just too chaotic for school, although I would love to take a course to help with writing.

Now, I again want to brag about how much I love my Kindle! It's so wonderful having a devise to read from, and work from. I have a wish list full of books that I want for recreational and educational reading. Hopefully my husband takes my hints and instead of getting me gifts he just gives me an Amazon gift card for more books! He asked if I wanted the new Kindle 3 and I told him that yes I would love the new K3 but I didn't need it. My K2 still works wonderfully and I will probably use it until it dies. My kindle goes everywhere I go. If you are looking for a great e-reader, you can't go wrong with a Kindle.



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