A new year

With Christmas over and all the craziness that goes along with it, you wait in anticipation as the new year draws near. For many that means new resolutions, and I am not exempt.  I have several new resolutions this year, but the biggest is to finally be done with my first draft, complete revisions, and send in my first quarry.  I had hoped to be done with WF by the end of the year, but I guess it wasn't to be. It took a while to get over that blasted brick wall. The only good I got from getting stuck at chapter 24 was that I was able to get a jump on a new novels outline. I may or may not be writing that novel next. It depends on how WF turns out. I might go on to make it a series.

Another resolution my husband and I made was to find a more reasonable place to live. Our rent is outrageous at the moment and we are getting sick of tossing money down the drain. With our lease up, we decided to try the market for a house. We are already preapproved, and will start the search as soon as we get back to Texas.  I hoping we find a place where I can make a nice office with a backyard view so that I can watch the kids while I work. If we can't get that perfect office, our plan is to get a manufactured building to put in the back yard that's big enough for my desk, a vynle printer,and my cutting table. Lastly it will have to have a huge window so I can see the babies play. I can dream.

These are only a few resolutions for the new year. What are your resolutions? Did you complete last years resolution?

I'm off to work this morning! Testing out my new design layouts while I have the shops vynle printer at my disposal.  I'm making custom kindle, phone, and laptop skins. If you have a device you would like a skin for just send me an email with the device name and the picture you would like me to use. Prices have yet to be set since we are still in the early stages of this new project but I'm sure we could work something out. I'll. Try to make a new post later today with pictures if the product turns out good. If not then I will be back to perfecting it...

I hope you have a fabulous new year!




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