Yesterday I started a new project based only on a dream that I had. It was so vivid and detailed that I had no problem writing the premis for the outline. I was so excited I called my mom and explained it to her in all the detail that I remembered it. I don't know if she was as enthused as I was though. I'm sure she's just worried about me starting a new project while I am so close to the end of another, even though she was the one to tell me to step away from WF, and see if when I came back to it if the problems would be more apparent to me. So I am setting it aside for a short while, and working on an outline for the new project. I'm in high hopes of making it a YA fantasy/paranormal about two families that must learn from two girls how to put aside grudges and work together to survive. Yeah, pretty basic so far, but hopefully I can share the good parts when the outline is completed.

As for grudges, I guess that is something I myself need to work on. I'm a terrible grudge holder. The deeper the hurt, the tighter I hold on. It's something I have been working on for a while now, but I still have a few that I'm just not ready to let go of.

On a brighter note, Christmas vacation is nearly here. We had planned on being in OK by now, but thanks to the military doctors/idiots, we can't leave until after my husband's appointment. Dramaw was sad today when Allyssa called her to say "Dramaw, come get me! I wanna go your house."

Dramaw was upset to have to wait another week before her grandbabies arrived.

I guess that means I will be spending the week preparing the house, catching up on laundry, and packing. (And trying to squeeze in some TPR sessions when I get the chance!)

I hope everyone's Christmas plans go wonderfully!




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