Allyssa passed the torch

With my daughter graduating to the tyrannous threes, she has passed the torch for her baby brother to get a jump start on the terrible twos. Although he just turned one a couple of months ago, he has remarkably shown that he is quite capable of throwing a fit to equal any two year old. His walking has only doubled his trouble making capabilities. I can't cook or do dishes without him literally between my legs. There's no telling what the boy will do. For instance, this morning I go to get a spoon for breakfast, and find our apples in the silverware drawer. He is constantly in the dog food and water bowls, and if I'm not paying attention he will dig in the trash. Last night I was putting the books he had pulled off my bookshelf when I noticed chew marks along the spine of a few of the books. He's teething on my books!
Being that my hubbers just had surgery and is on medical leave for a few weeks, he has been witness to the craziness of my day to day life. He commented last night that the most said phrase throughout the day is "Bubby, NO!" Be it that he is pulling down the Christmas tree, or has his big sister in a head lock, the kid is in constant trouble.
He is still a mama's boy though. He thinks he has to occupy my lap anytime I am sitting, be it on the couch or at the computer. He loves to give big wet slobbery kisses, and a wallowing hug.
My day to day life is anything but boring with him around. He brightens my day, and makes sure I have plenty of cleaning to do. There he goes with dad's shoe on his arm…


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