On the couch

Tuesday my husband went in to have his ankle surgery. They ended up having to peel back some of the ankle, cut out a cyst, and then after finding a hole in the bone, filled the hole with artificial bone. My poor hubby has been in so much pain, it wakes him at night. I have taken to sleeping on the couch so that I don't hurt his leg in my sleep (we have a small bed.) Really it hasn't been too bad since the couch pulls out into a bed. The dogs think they need to sleep next to me, so there is little room to roll after the wedge me in. On top of my husband's gimpy foot, the kids have come down with a cold. Some sort of stuffy nose ickyness that has them feeling pretty irritable. Last night I fixed my first successful homemade chicken noodle soup. Everyone sucked up the warm chicken goodness, and was feeling quite satisfied and sleepy by the end of the night.

As far as writing, I have had little time to work on the book. It has been hard enough to find any time to do a blog. I am still doing the love dare. It is teaching me so much about myself and my husband. It's just been tough to sit down and write about my missions every day. For one of my missions I was to get my hubby a gift that he would love. After thinking a long time on what I should get him, I decided he would really like a new pair of house shoes. He is always stealing mine and wearing them out before I get them back from him. So while at Wal-Mart (also known as the gateway to hell here in Abilene), I went in search for a nice pair of house shoes. At first I was going to get him a pair of memory foam shoes, until I saw a pair of longhorn shoes. My husband is a big Texas fan. He was so excited when I gave them to him. He wore them everywhere. The gift showed him that I was thinking about him, I cared about him, and that I paid enough attention to him that I knew his likes and dislikes.

I have been working on several things in the dare. It has taught me to be a kind, selfless, non irritable, appreciative, non jealous, and encouraging spouse. It's not been an easy journey. Sometimes I wonder why I try, when it feels like what I do is unappreciated. That's when I say a little serenity prayer, and move on. One thing I have learned is that love is not easy. Its hard work and dedication, but the rewards are well worth it!

Today I have to get my house chores done before I can go to my practice room sessions. There are two that I can participate in. One is scheduled at 3 est and the other at 8 est, and I want to be able to work on my book for each session. Hopefully the kids will allow me some writing time. They have been really cranky, and have been crying at me all morning.

This Saturday is my baby girl's third birthday. We are planning to have friends over for cake and ice cream. Dramaw has already made a banner and mailed it to us for the event. I already got her gift, and just need to wrap it. She is into Barbie now so we are having a Barbie princess party. Dramaw calls her princess Abby Dabby. A nick name she has had before birth when I was trying to pick out a name. I had wanted to name her Abigail, but my hubby like the name Allyssa, so we compromised and he picked the first name and I picked her middle name Raye after her Papa Hoho. Bubby was the same. He picked Aydan, and I chose Charles after my papa corky and pappy who passed just before Aydan's birth, hence why some people call him Charlie or Chuck.

I have much to do today so that I can write later so I had best wrap this up now. Maybe I will even get some reading time in. I am still reading Laurel K Hamilton's The Laughing Corpse. LKH is a huge inspiration.

Until the next chance I get to blog,





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