a mama's best friend

Any mom should love having a dog. They make cleaning thrown food clean up simple, they are great for guarding the kids while they play in the back yard, and they are wonderful comforters when you have been stressed to the limit. I don't think I could make it through the day without my Jasper. Since bringing him home as a rescue puppy, he has been the sweetest, most reliable companion I could ever have hoped for. Yes, he still manages to get into trouble, like chewing, but its well worth the little extra cleaning to have a friend who can always sense when you need a cuddle. Jasper is there when I write, warming my feet under my desk, and he is there when I clean, following me room to room. He pouts when I leave, and goes ecstatic when I’m get back. He plays with the babies, allowing Bubby to ride him like a pony. Jasper is the best dog you could ask for.
I’m a firm believer in rescue animals. I forbid my husband to go out and buy a registered animal. He knows that the only way any animal comes into this home is if it is from a rescue group, or he rescued it from the street (he gets bonus points for rescuing the animal himself.)
Rescued animals seem to know how fortunate they are, and are often the most loyal pets you could ever have. I have helped my mother in her rescue endeavors for many years now, bottle feeding puppies and kitties whose eyes have yet to open, training foster animals to potty outside or in a litter box, and even helping out at the local shelter during spay and neuter clinic. I have had some of my rescue babies “put down” after having nursed them back to health because of a petty animal shelter worker. Some people simply don't care about the animals even if they say they do. I'm a believer in actions speek louder than words, at least in most instances. The most important thing is that we have enriched the lives of so many animals and humans. That is the greatest reward for rescuing animals.
My mom is currently nursing a puppy that just opened his eyes a few days ago. He goes to work with her, and like any infant she gets up several times a night to feed him and make sure he is clean. I don’t think people realize the work and love put into rescue animals.
If it were not for my mom’s devotion to rescue animals, we would never have found Jasper. He brightens my day.
So the next time you want to expand your family with an animal, I hope you choose to look up one of the many rescue groups around the nation, or visit petfinder.com the leading animal adoption site. Save a life, and find your new forever friend.



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