Fruits of procrastination

Last night was the squadron CE Christmas party, and after getting in late, not sleeping much because of hubby's snoring, and then getting up early with a cranky lil' boy, I was in no mood for writing. Instead I spent my morning checking out some writer's programs, and catching up on laundry. There are a few that I really enjoyed working with. Few are free, but most of them have a free trial, and are priced under $100.

The top pick would have to be Scrivener- This program allows you to break your writing down into chapters, and even has the index cards for easy outlining. There are plenty of features this program offers all for a nice little fee of about fifty bucks. and here for the windows beta

Xmind is a nice mind mapping program, if you're into that kind of thing, and free of charge.

Ywriter is free software that can be better described as a simplified Scrivener. Did I mention it's free? This program was made by a published author and participator in Nanowrimo. He has also developed yedit2 for counting down your words. Plug in your goal for the day, and the program will count down to 0. You can pick both of these up here

Liquid Story Binder is like Scrivener but with attitude. Outlining, chapters, pictures, you name it. This program is loaded.

I have yet to pick a program that suites me.

What program works best for you?




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