Thuper Thursday: Mom

I haven't had much time to write lately due to the move, and totally skipped out on last Thuper Thursday due to sick babies and doctor visits. Unfortunately, when you’re in the military a trip to the doctor is an all day ordeal. Thankfully, I knew what Bubby's problems were (ear infections) and was able to order the pediatrician to give me the meds I requested. The move went well, and we are settled into our new home loving every morning that we wake up here. After we get the rent house cleaned out, we will be officially done!
Now, on to my star of the week! As you know, I don't pick the names. I put all the important people in my life names in a box, Bubby shakes the box, and then Allyssa pulls a name out. I think they played favorites this week however, because they pulled their Dramaw's name from the box. Not that I'm complaining. I could talk for hours about my mom! She's such a beautiful, wonderful, special person.
My mom and I weren't always as close as we are now. My teenage years I rebelled like any teen, and always thought I was right and Mom was wrong. It wasn't until after I joined the military that our friendship started to strengthen. I wrote from basic describing every detail of the disgusting females I had to share space with. She sent back letters of encouragement and every letter expressed how proud she was.
When I became pregnant, she was the last person I wanted to tell, only because I hated to disappoint her. She remained encouraging, and when my daughter was born, she took the five hour flight to Hawaii to be with us. It was that month together, at the hardest time in my life, while my baby girl was in the hospital for so long, that we became best friends. My move back home only strengthened that, as we both leaned heavily on each other throughout the trails we were both going through.
My mom is my confident, my supporter in all I do. When I started writing and was nervous to let others read my book, she encouraged me to keep going, telling me that what I wrote was great. Since then, she has been my Alpha Beta reader. Though others have read some of my book, she has read every chapter, and tells me what she likes and doesn't like. It's thanks to her that I have made it this far in the book. She tries to be a critical reader, but sometimes she has little more to say than keep writing.  
I could go on all day about what makes Mom so fabulous. About how she cares so deeply for others, about her fostering animals, about how she would do anything for her kids and her grandkids, but I’ll stop at this, else I will have no room for Q&A!
Hi Mom! Were you surprised to have your name drawn from the Thuper Box?
I secretly conspired with my Princess Abby Dabby…no…I mean … “Why Yes, Yes I was…”

What are your favorite hobbies as of late?
Sleeping and playing with my herd of doggies

What is one of your fondest memories of our time together?
Laughing at our own stupidities….

What do you think of your position as my Alpha Beta reader?
I’m honored of course…

What is one of your craziest memories of time we spent together?
That would be running around with the camera taking pics of Abby Dabbys first walk…butt naked….wow…  eating popcorn and candy bars and watchin tv is my favorite times  bunking with abby dabby, feeding bubby, all of the times we have together is crazy and wonderful!!!

I'm the favorite right? (J/K)
You and I are best friends…I can lean on you and vice verse…I can tell you anything…we always have fun together and we even fuss at each other well…You are my fav….

Added notes:  You are my mini-me….the only thing I would change about you if I could….add a lil rhythm to your hips…so we could dance in the living room together to some Bumpin booties music and laughing with the babies….that would be sooooo fun!!!!

That’s all the time I have for Thuper Thursday! I have a house to unpack, another house to clean out, a book to read before noon, and so much more.


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