Home sweet home

I know by now everyone is sick of hearing about the new house,but the excitement has yet to wear off, so yes, I'm going to blog about it some more this morning. First off, I hate moving. We move so often, and I always end up doing all the packing and unpacking. Thankfully, I so stoked about moving into our dream home that I'm actually enjoying the process, but ready to be done with it. We have basically moved the entire house hold in one weekend. Is that a record?
The kids love the new house! It took a couple of nights for them to adjust to their new rooms, but last night they finally slept the entire night. Yesterday we had to get the last of the boxes from the old house and do some cleaning. As we pulled up, Allyssa starts to cry, "No! Not this house!"
Aside from the creaks and pops from the attic as the wind blows, the house is quiet, and oh so comfortable. We love it even more with all our furniture in it. Not to mention, the huge enterteiment center my hubz got from a fellow airman at a bargain price. The guy was so nice he even tossed in a free curio cabinet! Now I finally have a place for my great granny Opals dishes that have been in storage since her passing.
My favorite room of the house? My office! I just LOVE my new office. Its roomy, and well lit. It is surrounds in windows so I can watch the kids play while I work, and its my space in the house. Hubby has the garage and his new shed as his claimed space, and mine is my office. All I have is my desk for now, but I have big plans to turn this space into the best little create space!
Today will be mostly cleaning out the old house and shampooing the carpets for me, and cleaning out the garage for the hubz, but at least I'm done with all the heavy lifting. I would like to be finished today and never have to return to the rent house, so I had best go drink the rest of that pot of coffee. I have a feeling I'm gonna need the energy.
p.s. please excuse typos. I'm blogging on my android phone until my internet gets installed tomorrow :-)
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