After much frantic no snow dancing in my living room, I finally had to admit my defeat. I watched sullenly late Monday night as the snow and sleet started to fall across my backyard. If you haven't figured it out by now, I HATE the cold. Especially wet cold. So far this year I had been able to dance my way out of most of the cold and snow, the temperatures always returning to warm and pleasant. Warm weather is nice, warm weather I can kick double trouble outside where they prefer to be, and watch them happily over my laptops screen as I bask in the sunlight, and work.
On cold icky snow days, they are trapped inside, destroying my house and wearing my nerves to a frazzel. When I did decide to take them out to play in the snow, I spent twenty minutes bundling them up, only to have the wailing to go back inside.
So instead, the adults played in the snow... with a four wheeler!
My husband and his coworkers were off the last few days, and have had a blast pulling each other on a sled behind the four wheeler. I even hopped on the quad, and did a few doughnuts in the street. Our neighbors all looked at us like we were nuts, and they are probably right.
What do you do when snowed in?
Today it was way too cold for me to play. I'm cold nature as is, and just sitting at my desk while I redesigned my blog (you likey?) nearly froze me into a Popsicle. So, no. I bundled up in my warmest clothes, and worked online most of the day. Boring? Yes. Why didn't I write? You try writing with two screamers tugging at your legs for no reason but to get your attention. I do think I will manage to get a few hours this evening, when I dump the kids on the Hubz and hide away in my room with my Ipod cranked up. A mama needs time without kiddos from time to time...
I feel terrible for my family and friends in Oklahoma, who received even worse conditions than we did. I just couldn't imagine so much snow!
For all those that are snowed in, I hope you stay safe and warm over the next few days until this mess thaws out.
As for me, I think I'll join Bubby for some Kindlin (reading).


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