My Create Space

I’m jumping on the bandwagon here and posting for the unofficial show off your workspace day, thanks to Jon, Tina, Kristen, and Marisa (TPR gang). I’ve posted before of my workspace, but being that I had to move from my cozy windows in the dining room, to my bedroom, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to update.
Most of my work is done at my huge desk I got free from my mom, who has connections everywhere in our home town. This thing is heavy. I love it. I have drawer space for all my filing, a scratch resistant top, and extra tables I can pull out for more work space if things get too crowded. My loverly computer, printer/scanner, and TV/monitor all fit on top, leaving plenty of room for keyboard, and wacom tablet (a must for all graphic artists.) I do a little writing from here, but mostly work on designing and art here.
Most of my writing is done on my lappy top. When my Pappy, one of the most amazing men in my life, passed last year, I took his lap tray to use as a lap desk. It keeps my laptop from getting hot on my legs while elevating the computer to a comfortable writing position. It also reminds me of Pap. He was an inspiration to me, and I loved to sit and listen to all his stories, from picking cotton, to living through the great depression, that man truly lived his life. I still can’t be in my mom’s house, where he lived the last years of his life, without seeing him everywhere. I still wait at the door to the kitchen, waiting for him to slowly pass by.
The greatest thing about the lappy desk is its portability. Since most of my writing time is done after everyone else has gone to bed, It is most usually most used in bed where I can watch Ghost Adventures on Netflix, my GA crew being my writing fuel. Then again, I also do some writing in the living room curled up on my favorite spot on our huge couch, with the legs pulled up and my foot warmer Jasper across my lap.
So that’s my workspaces. Where do you like to work from? Hop on this bandwagon and show everyone your create space.


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