More Phone Love

Recently I talked about writing from my phone. Well, this week I will be taking the long eight hour travel back to Oklahoma for my little sister's wedding, and in order to make sure I can still plug in a few words in between rehearsals and chasing my kids around a hotel, I wanted to make sure my phone was up to date with all the best writing apps I could find. This is like an Easter egg hunt with a cruel family member that likes to hide the eggs in trees out of reach. After a few nights of searching, I finally found all that I needed, a battery booster, a RAM booster, a task killer, a great keyboard,Blogger, music player,Thinkfree,Kindle, and other helpful apps like dictionary, spell checker, mind mapper, and my chat apps like facebook, twitter, Skype, and Gtalk. *takes a deep breath* yeah, it's a lot of apps.

When it comes to writing I have found the best app on the market is Thinkfree (even if you have to buy it because it's not preloaded on your phone.) It wasn't until this morning that I found a new feature for this wonderful little app that made me fall in love. Along with it's ability to make word docs, this app has an online server! You can save your writing on the phone, upload it to your secure server, and access that file from anywhere in the world. This makes it so that I don't have to tether your phone when you change writing platforms, so long as you have an internet connection, but oh wait, my Galaxy S has WiFi hotspot! Oh yeah, I love this phone!
So I'm ready to go, at least on my phone. I still have to pack, ready the truck, make a list for the hubz who sadly doesn't get to go this trip, and get the travel snackers. Well, I guess I had best get to it. Only a couple more days until we are on our way!



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