I've missed that Itch

I’ve been working hard on learning M-R units, and Scene and Sequel the last couple of months and trying to figure out how to apply it to my revisions. It’s been a long road, with many brick walls, but I finally sat down today and rewrote chapter one in S&S form. And ya know what? I like it. It’s not grade A, but it’s better than before. I have my character and I have her goal and she is started on a path of destruction.

What helped me the most wasn’t all the studying or the massive amounts of head banging, but going back to books that give me the itch to write. You know the ones. We all have our favorites. Mine are the James Scott Bell books. He always gives me that boost of confidence I need to hop back in that chair, and start pounding keys.
Writing Fiction for All You're Worth: Strategies and Techniques for Taking Your Fiction to the Next Level
So I’ve ignored the laundry today, and the dishes have yet to be done, I have my passion back. I’m moving forward in my story! It’s changing and shifting and doing such marvelous things. I can’t wait to share it with my CPs to see if I’m on the right track and if all our hard work is paying off. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time!

What books give you the itch to write and inspire you to keep moving forward?



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