Friday Fun

I'm not gonna lie, it's been a very rough week, but it's Friday! Meaning this week is officially over! *happy dances*

Ok! Now on to the fun. First off, Congratulations to Kathleen Doyle who won the giveaway this week! I loved the opportunity to share a beautiful book with someone else. I hope you enjoy it Kathleen.

As for the Cover Art Votes, it was a tie between Cover 2 and Cover 3! I suppose I could send it to the Sign Man, and see which he likes best for the tie breaker.

Lastly, Ali Cross is spreading the sunshine today! Sunshine awards! That were given to her by Kathleen. Yep ^(^.^) That Kathleen that just won the giveaway. Just another example of good Karma! Good Happens! I'm going to make that my motto, or chant I think.

Now, bring on the personal questions!

Favorite Color: Red! The deeper the red the better ;)

Favorite Animal: Dragons! Ask my daughter, they are real and considered an animal.

Favorite Number: 13...I just like it k... it's not that weird...

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: I love Coke! Hopelessly addicted. Hubby told me I should quit... I told him to quit smoking first... I win!

Facebook or Twitter: I'm on both, but lately I have been on Twitter more. That's where my book peeps hang!

My Passions: My family! They are my world. After them it would be writing, reading, and graphic arts. I used to be a big gamer but there's just not enough time in the day anymore to waste it on game >.< (never thought I would ever say that!)

Getting or Giving Presents: Giving :P Makes me all happy inside! ^(^.^) thus the giveaway this week, cause I needed me some happy.

Favorite Pattern: Wow, um, lets see. *looks around* Lined paper! I love the look of blank lined paper :P a fresh canvas ready and waiting.

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturdays. I sometimes get to sleep in and I usually skimp a bit on the chores. Sunday is a close second, because I often just lay around in my jammies and read :D

Favorite Flower: The Rose. It's so elegant and romantic! But I don't like getting flowers unless its the whole bush. They will just die and I hate seeing something beautiful waste away in front of me...

Like Ali, I'm gonna just spread the sunshine! Grab an award and let me know in the comments so I can pop over to your blog and check it out!

Happy Friday, Ya'll!


~(^.^)^ Check the new Siggy!


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