2 Years as a Writer

Many of you may know by now that it was not my life ambition when I was young to write. I wrote short stories once or twice, but my passion was drawing and going on to work at the family graphics business. I aced art through school, and taught myself photoshop while I was serving in the military. I loved it! I still get a little geeked out when working graphics, but I'm leaning more to the writer's side these days. Things have happened in my life that I no longer have the hope and desire to work the graphics biz, and needing a new hope I heavily leaned on my writing.

I started as a closet writer, not even my hubby knew I was staying up late to write fiction. About halfway through the first draft he found out, and was so excited for me, he wanted to read what I wrote. He loved it, which fueled the fire for my new obsession. I began buying whatever books I could find on writing, read every blog that google search engine could find for me.

It's been a little over two years now since I started writing, and I am still working on that same novel. Am I ashamed?


I'm still learning. Everyday, I learn something new. I'm still buying up every book I can find on the craft (there are 65 on my kindle), I still blog hop in hopes of finding a new nugget to add to my toolbox, and I even have a fabulous Crit Group to learn with.

Kim Harrisson, an author I adore, spent six years with her first novel. The way I see it, I have plenty of time to learn with my novel before sending it out into the world, because I love it enough to want it to be the absolute best it can be.

Until then, I will keep studying the craft! I will keep reading, I will keep practicing, and I will keep smiling. This is my new dream, and I want it to be beautiful!



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