TGIF: What a week!

What a busy week this has been! Early in the week I finally got into the garage and unpacked the rest of the boxes that were piled along one whole side. We haven't had use of the garage since we moved here. It's so nice to be able to pull our trucks in if we want, and in the evenings we have gotten into a habit of sitting out in the garage and watching the neighbors come and go.

As I have mentioned before, my little brother is staying with us while my husband deploys, so he has been trying to earn his sister's fabulous cooking, and the room he will rent out when he finds a job. I've wanted to paint my office since moving here, I picked up the paint and supplies, and put him to work. Of course I helped when I could, but the kids held most of my attention. Especially after my lil' ninja boy snuck into the office and painted the sliding glass window. Luckily, it wiped away with a little tide with bleach. My brother finished the red, to die for red is its name, and is waiting for me to make up my mind what color I want the trim. I'm thinking a chocolate or a light tan, but will have to research a bit more.

Lastly, my Kindle 3 broke *cries* Yep, the hinges that hold it to the cover snapped right off. So, be careful if you have the Amazon leather covers. The hinge is stuck in the Kindle warping the frame. Thankfully, I have a two year warranty, and Amazon has the best customer service ever! After a few minutes on the phone, they were shipping me a new Kindle, e-mailed me a paid shipping label for the broken Kindle, and credited my account to get another cover (although it had to be the same hinged one…) I should get my new Kindle tomorrow, but until then I just bump it out with the warped one.

I am getting back to my writing, and TPR. Tina was about to come after me if I missed anymore sessions. I think I had to work out a few personal things before I could get into my characters head. I'm back now though, and feeling great!

Speaking of writing, I have a lot to do!




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