Invasion of the Hobbit

Remember that fabulous office I got when we moved into our new home with a perfect view of the back yard? Yeah, it's been invaded. By a hobbit!
Check out the hobbit feet!
Actually, it's just my brother, but we call him a hobbit because of his feet. So my office equipment got moved to my bedroom until my Mother-in-Law and nephew leave at the end of the month, and I can move my brother's crap into a room. My house is full, and will only get fuller this month, but it's been so nice having family stay that the temporary relocation of my office is a small sacrifice.

How does this affect my writing? Well, I can't write and watch the kids play outside, but I do have a quiet undisturbed place to work where I can shut the door (especially since the kids have others to watch them), and not have anyone looking over my shoulder. Unfortunately, I have been trying so hard to keep up house and entertain that it is taking me a while to write that last little chapter I need for the first draft of WF. That's right, I'm almost done! I want to finish this week, but it's been really hard with all that's going on.

Lastly, if you haven't read Elana Johnson's Possession, get your butt to the book store and get you a copy. It's flippin awesome!




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