Another one bites the dust

Another year of my life, pfft, gone! Now I get to go through all of my social sites and change my age to 28. Only a couple more years before the big three zero. Yippee…

For those who wished me a happy birthday yesterday via phone or facebook, thank you! I was so surprised by all the attention yesterday.

My wonderful Hubz fixed steak (Yum) and bought me a cake (which is gone… again yum), and he and the kids gave me three wonderful cards along with my present, the new Kindle 3 *extreme squeals of happiness*. What is so great about the Kindle 3? Let's see, faster page turns, more space, crisper screen, more font choices, lighter weight, comes in graphite, more social networking options, ect. Ect. Ect…. 
Yeah, you really gotta get one of these bad boys <3 I've enjoyed getting to read Possession on it (great book. Go buy it. NOW.) My mom, knowing me so well, gave me money to buy books, and my best bud Q gave me in game money for my character on FFXI.

After picking up the house in the A.M., I got to kick back and relax the rest of the day. What did I do? I played video games and read. It was FANTABULOUS!

If it weren't for the head cold that came back with a vengeance, my day would have been perfect. Unfortunately, the kids and I have had to suffer extreme stuffiness this weekend and are still on the mend. So no, I have not finished that last chapter… Kinda hard when doped up on cold meds 24/7. Hopefully, I will get some work on it done today, as I am not as stuffy and I will try to lessen my med dosage.

If not, I have a book to finish reading :P

Again, thank you all for the birthday wishes!




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