The End

Cover is of my own design

That's right! I finally made it to the end of my first draft of my first book! Yay! It's been sent to my mom for approval before I send it to my betas. At the moment I am printing out a full copy to edit, but not for at least a month or so. So what's next for me? I finally get the chance to play with one of my other shinnies! The one that has held my imagination's attention so tightly the past couple of months that it has been really hard to finish WF. I plan to start working the outline for my YA mermaid guardian story this week. I'm going to be using a new writing technique and will be putting in no less than two hours of writing a day. I'm in hopes of finishing this new draft much sooner than what it took me to write WF. A title is still in the works for the new story of course, so for the time I will just call it Mermaid Guardian, MG for short.

A huge thank you to the TPR crew! You guys kept me going when I wanted to give up. I've learned tons from you guys, and continue to learn more every week.

To the ninjas, I'm going to try and participate more that life seems to be calming down. The last two months were busy, but I'm buckling back down on my writing and could really use the moral boost you all provide.

Mom, thanks for being my Alpha and supporting me in this adventure. You're not only the best mom ever, you're my best friend!

I can't wait to start my next adventure, so off I go to create something new!




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