Friday Fire

If you are still following me here on my little island on the internet, have I got news for you! And if you are new, welcome, settle in, and have patience, as I am always a work in process!

Big news! Starting this week I will be introducing Friday Fire. What’s this? I'll be sharing a new chapter of my ever work in progress Wild Fire in order to spur me into finishing edits and someday publishing my first novel.

A lot has transpired this year that has lit the fire in my heart once more to be the woman I once was. I've allowed my depression and anxiety to strip too much from me and this is just one of many changes I'm making to better myself and my life not just for me but for my pack as well.

Who's my pack? Family and friends who have always had my back. And in the future, I will be extending my pack to all who help show support for me through gaming and writing and art. I hope you will join my pack here and on my twitch channel!

Many great things in the works here folks and I'm super excited to start this new adventure with you all!

See you Friday with Chapter 1 of Wild Fire!


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