Friday Fire -Wild Fire- chp1-2

As promised our first installment of Friday fire is here! I'm so excited to be sharing something that I have held close to my heart for many, many....many years now.

I started this story as a new mom. I wrote in secret for a long while, scared to admit I was playing pretend on a page. I didn't think of myself as a writer then and had no clue what I was doing. Having been an avid reader though, I found I enjoyed making my own world to live in. The writing was a new kind of escape.

Over time I let people in on what I was doing. Mainly family who were amazed I had kept it secret for so long. They loved my story! I felt it was because they were just being supportive.

My book has changed over the years thanks to editing and many hours with my amazing critique group.

Somewhere along the way, I lost the drive to work on it anymore. I lost my love of writing. I've lost a lot of myself.

But thanks to watching my daughter and her friends work constantly on google docs to create their own worlds, writing their own stories, I am finding that woman I once was. The woman who loved creating and writing, and most importantly who didn't care what others thought of her stories so long as she could live in her own worlds for a time each night.

So today I invite you into my world. Join me, and help me grow this story into the book I always dreamed it could be!

I've decided to use google docs to share my chapters with you. Yes, you may comment, but please be kind. Each week I will add a new chapter or two depending on the length of the chapters. The previous week's chapters will remain in the document for anyone new to the page to jump in and catch up. Please do not share the document itself. If you wish to share with a friend, link them to my webpage where they can sign up for notifications of my posts. Please do not copy my work. All graphics within the document were designed by me and are my property. If you wish to use the designs email me for permission.

Without further delay, please enjoy Wild Fire -chp1-2


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