Do What Scares You

(artist unknown)

Last week I did something that terrified me. I put my writing out for the public to read. My first novel which I've worked on for years now sits in its own little menu tab at the top of my website where it will remain until I publish the last chapter. 

I've been told I should get down to the last few chapters and then remove it and release it through self-publishing so people will want to buy it. As an avid reader, I can't do that. It would seem deceitful to me. I want to share this story to its end and if people love it, they will buy it when I self publish. If not, then maybe my next book!

I'm just tired of keeping this book in the dark. It's time to do what scares me and put it out there!

So far I have received a ton of love for my book and it has really made me feel better about my writing. I suffer from a ton of self-doubt but I'm working on trying to be more confident in my abilities and more confident with being who I am. This project or experiment is helping rebuild the confidence I once had when I was a strong military woman who was treated as an equal from the men I served with.

I'm using this experiment as a mass beta reader project. What is a beta reader? They are readers who read the final draft of a manuscript looking for errors such as spelling, grammar, and confusing plot points or descriptions. So your comments and critiques are super important in not only allowing me to grow a thicker skin so to say but to bettering this book as a whole.

I hope you will feel comfortable enough with me to give me honest opinions on what works, and what doesn't.

Friday I will be posting another few chapters. I've decided to do more than one at a time since the chapters are rather short. This was you get to enjoy more story and it really puts some pressure on me to keep working hard to keep up with Friday Fire posts.

I hope you are enjoying this little experiment and feel free to leave comments below on your thoughts on this whole project!


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