Wild Fire Cover Art Vote

Today I  compared my WF cover art with my WH cover art. They were similar in many aspects, which is good. That's what I was trying for, but you can still tell were I have grown in the years between of when they were made. So I dug out the old Photoshop file buried deep in my Documents file and got to tweaking WF. I came up with 2 new possibilities, but as usual I can't decide which I like more and which I want to represent WF from now on. So I figured I would hold a vote and let you decide for me! Tell me which you like the best Cover 1 (the original), Cover 2, or Cover 3 and enter to win a Kindle Edition of Become by Ali Cross!

Ok, yes this is also an excuse for me to do my first giveaway and share some book love! 

Cover Art 1 (Original)

Cover Art 2

Cover Art 3

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