Showin some Love!

Valentines day is not just a day to celebrate that special sweetheart in your life. It’s also a day to show the people you’re close to that you love them, and appreciate them being in your life.

I had few friends in school, but the ones I had were the best. Sure we had our silly little tiffs from time to time, but we always banded together when one needed extra support. That’s just what true friends do for each other.

In the military I made new friends (after basic, because I couldn’t stand the girls I was forced to live with in basic.) I adopted my military friends as brothers and remain close to them today. Even now I have the military wives that welcomed me the moment I arrived in Texas. They are very good about dragging me from my cave once a month to socialize.

Then there are my writing friends who have taken me in as one of their own and supported me on my adventures. My TPR friends who over the past two years (has it really been two years?) have pushed me along and taught me to unplug from the world in order to write,and the Writing Ninjas where I am sharing what I have learned on a weekly basis. I’m really surprised at myself for actually having the nerve to apply for a position there, and even more for being so accepted. They are a wonderful community of people committed to writing.

I love making new friends! I love having people who want to chat off and on throughout the day. Being a writer and a stay at home mom can be a very lonely occupation at times, that worsens when my husband has to work all the time. So if your bord and just want to chat or need someone to listen to a rant, feel free to look me up. Being the tech geek that I am, I’m rarely far from a computer, and I always have my smart phone!



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