I'm a Ninja!

In an old post I made the announcement that I was joining Ali Cross’s Writing Ninja Dojo. I soon became an AWOL ninja,only showing up occasionally and hardly tweeting. Then I got serious about my writing again. I joined back up with the ninjas, meeting with them every chance I could, and building my twitter presence the best way I knew how, by chatting.

The Ninjas grew, and Ali grew into an author. The Ninjas needed their own site to meet at, and Ali made it so. She gave them a new website, and with the help of Angela Kulig, they put on a writing conference called NINOCON. And it was FANTASTIC!

Last month Ali posted that she was looking for people who want to post regularly on the new Ninjas Write website. What a great chance to force myself to grow! So I filled out the application form, wrote my sample piece, and waited for the email that said sorry but your just not what we are looking for.

To my surprise it never came. Instead, I woke up one morning to find an email saying that I was accepted for the position. Wow! I still consider myself a nooby writer, and am still working on that little thing called confidence, so the acceptance to be a leader on the Ninjas Write site totally blew me away! I grinned all day, I told my closest friends, and of course, I called my Mom. I’m so honored!

Starting Friday I will have the opportunity to share what I have learned about writing at Ninjas Write, starting with the very piece that got me accepted. I hope you will stop by this week and show some love to the other leaders that will also be sharing this week, and join us next Thursday for Ninja Chat. Also, you can still read up on all the NINOCON goodness!

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have to go spaz some more :P…



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