Thuper Thursday:Dad

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. So, to celebrate I decided to do like last week and dedicate this Thuper Thursday to him!
What can I say about my dad? He's a good ol' country boy who works hard for his family, but plays even harder. He breaks horses, hunts, fixes cars, welds, and rides four wheelers and motorcycles. My weekends and summers were spent climbing trees and riding horses bareback. He taught me it's ok to be a little boyish, and man was he right. I have some of the best guy friends who treat me as one of the guys. I've had a lot of fun living by my dad's standards.
So when it came to falling in love, I fell for a man just like my dad. A country boy from Arkansas.
My dad shares my interest in the paranormal, the only one in my family who really does. He has supported me in my creative life, though he dosnt really understand it, and though it was hard, he supported me when I decided to go into the military (even putting one of those embarassing stickers my mom made on all his vehicles...).
If it wernt for him, I wouldn't be the stuborn, country lovin, backwoods talkin, tomboy I am today.
So here's to my long haired hillbilly Daddy! I love you.


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