The Artist Way

The wonderful Tina over at TPR recommended The Artist Way. It's a twelve week course to reconnecting with your inner artist. Everyone has an inner artist. From decorating homes, to writing novels, or painting and drawing, everyone likes to create in some manner. TAW teaches us to get out of our own way, and get creating.

So far, I'm on week one. I have diligently done my morning pages, a wonderful way to dump everything bothering you, all your ideas, and all of your problems, onto a page. Get it all out of your way. Most of the time, you'll find most of the answers to your problems on what you should do right there in your morning pages. It is required to write three pages. You can do this either longhand or write 750 words typed which is about three pages longhand. A great place Tina recommended (she's full of wonderful advice) is where they keep track of your word goals. I won't go into detail, but go check it out. It's pretty cool!

Another thing I have to do for my TAW course this week is get rid of the negativity of my past. All those people who criticized my creativity have to be put on paper. My family was always supportive, but my classmates were not. They mostly just saw me as the quiet girl who reads and draws a lot. Which usually means easy target…

Sometime this week, I have to take my inner artist for a walk, and a date. I hope my husband doesn't get jealous.

I'm also working on my affirmations. Making good comments about my artist self without letting that inner censor say anything negative. That censor, she's a mean one.

I highly recommend you pick up The Artist Way. If anything, try the morning pages and see what they have to say for you. They may just help you find that missing link in your novel.

I'll update next week with my progress into week two.




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