Thuper Late Thuper Thursday: Da Buzzard

Better quality photo on it's way :P

In the excitement of writing the last few chapters of WF, my husband being home (which just totally threw me off), and the craziness of the week, I forgot about Thuper Thursday yesterday. Bad Amy, I know. This post will differ slightly from the others. I didn't draw the name. It just so happens to be the star's birthday, and I saw it fitting to post about them today. So who is this illustrious star? My grandmother, or as we call her Da Buzzard, a nickname she has taken to since its creation when asked what she wanted to be called by her great grandbaby. She had replied "Da GrandMother," in a godfatherly accent, but was misunderstood as Da GrandBuzzard, which stuck.

Da Buzzard taught me to read, and instilled my love for books at a very early age. I still have the first book I ever read without pictures while sitting on her lap, called A Dog Called Kitty. I remember all the afternoons after school sitting in her backyard where I would stop to do my homework, read, or just sit and chat instead of walking home like I was supposed to do. It's thanks to her support that I started writing in the first place.

Da Buzzard is the Queen of books. She has a larger collection than my hometown's public library. It may have helped that collection grow when she was working for the local used bookstore. I believe they paid her in books.

Aside from my love for books, my grandmother has taught me that true love does exist. You can see the total admiration she has for my grandfather just from how she still looks at him. I have never seen this look dim. The way they still hold hands or each other with such obvious adoration will make you envious. I can't help but smile when I see them share a quick kiss or snuggle. They truly are the essence of true love.

With all that she has taught me about books and love, she truly is one of my brightest stars lighting my path in this world!

Happy Birthday Buzzard!

I love you!




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