Wanna Play?

Yesterday I started using the Pomodoro Technique. I used it for cleaning, for studying, and for writing. Did it work? I like to think it did. I managed to cram a lot into my day yesterday without overwhelming myself.
When I started using Pomodoro this morning for my writing sessions, I had the idea of making it a game. Each 25 minute Pomodoro I log how many words I managed in that section, and try to beat that number in my next session. At the end of the day you can tally up your total. Did you do better or worse than the previous day?
There are no rewards other than your own self-satisfaction, or loathing if you didn't do as good.
Here is a Pomo Writing Game score sheet you can download.
I hope someone finds this useful and fun. Let me know if you play, what your scores are, and if it helped you to be more productive.


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