I love new electronics. Since I was a kid, I was always saving for the newest gameboy (I loved and still love Pokemon) and other gaming systems, I learned the basics of fixing computers and how to make them work for me and my art, bought one of the first e-readers from (back before there were smartphones, nooks, and Kindles), and now am obsessed with my smartphone.

You would think a person who stays home 90% of the week wouldn't need such a phone, but I'm on the thing from the time I wake to the time I go to bed. Like this morning for instance, I woke at 4:30am when my allergies refused to let me sleep, so while I sucked down some coffee (no sense in going back to bed when I can get some work done in the quiet) I was blog hoppin on the greader app.

After catching up with the happenins of my writer buds, I jumped over to my writing app and worked on WF's current chapter only using one hand, holding a coffee mug in my other hand.

I could have even written this blog from my Galaxy S, but I was ready to get to my recently rearranged office, and see how the fung shuy felt. Arrangement of a room can have a huge impact on how the creative juices flow ya know! So far it seems comfortable enough, but I do miss the way it was. Unfortunately until I find the curtains I want to put up in my office, the morning sun's glare on my screen becomes a major distraction.

Somewhere along the way I got distracted on where I was going on this post…

Oh ya! Phone obsession, I got it.

Oh look! It's TPR time! Time to get a couple Pomodoro in this AM. Start the PomoApp!




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