Thuper Thursday: Will resume next week

With the move, travel, my new writing regime, and of course my little monsters demand for attention, I got a little off track with my Thuper Thursday posts. It's times like these that I am thuper thankful for the amazing people in my life, and I really need to keep recognizing them individually here on my blog.
While unpacking the garage of our masses of boxes I finally found my Thuper Thursday Box, and had Allyssa pull a name from it today. I look forward to writing about the lucky star of next week!
While I did end up removing one person from my box (for constantly letting me down and hurting those I love), I'll be adding more names of people I adore in the next week.
On a side note, I've joined the Ninja's over at ninowrimo, giving me more push to up my word count each day.
My Pomodoro technique continues to work for me and I'm getting more done each day on WF. Can I finish by the end of the month?
We'll see!


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