#FridayFire Chapters 9-12

I've been slacking a bit on getting my #FridayFire out each Friday. In fact, I've missed several Fridays this month. To be honest I started this to push me to finish editing my novel and to see how people will receive it. I'm not very confident in my writing but I do love my story and want others to as well. Here lately however I've also had to struggle with depression and anxiety which zaps all drive to do anything at all. So I end up pushing myself through the labor of keeping up the house and yard work until I can't anymore. By then I'm too exhausted to edit. Or so I tell myself. It's an excuse and I know it. So I'm working on setting up a certain amount of time to write each day so I can't use that excuse anymore.

My life is in turmoil at the moment which also makes staying focused more difficult and has attributed to the deeper depression and anxiety issues. I've realized now that I can't allow that to stop me from completing my goals. In fact, I'm now in the process of creating a ten-year plan. I want to set goals for in ten years down the line that I myself can accomplish for myself so when my children are grown and no longer need me I will have a purpose in this world.

One of those lofty goals I started months ago. Get this book done and published! Be it through traditional or self-publishing. I'm not far from being done with the final edit either!

With the help of all of you reading my book I think I can achieve at least this one ten-year goal and make a better future for myself. So please stick with me through my moopy days and feel free to send me a nudge if I get to slacking again. Knowing that there are people out there that enjoy and look forward to my chapters each week is a great motivator and mood lifter.

If you haven't heard yet, I have a discord I am starting up for people to stay in contact and chat with me. I'm planning some fun once I get some members so feel free to join. You will also get notifications when I go live on Twitch and get art and writing sneak peeks!

I hope you enjoy Chapters 9-12 this week and I look forward to getting you next week's chapters!


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